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Timelapse People is one of the UAE’s oldest time-lapse businesses. The company began its first Palm Jumerirah Dubai project in 2007, marking the company’s 10th year of operation. In this period of time, it is easy to see that the business is experiencing growth and is increasing in size continuously. According to them, they are now working to provide a lot of different users with Ultra High Resolution time-lapse movies around the UAE.

According to the business, what they specialise in is the creation of extremely high-definition time-lapse movies using a stand-alone unit that needs no external power and no connections. As a consequence, according to them, the movie can be built extremely easily. The stand alone units create a film of very high quality that will stand as the project’s historical record.

The business has already served several different customers, including Cleveland Clinic and EC Harris, over the course of 10 years of service. They are proud that all of the customers are very pleased with the company’s services. The company is able to gain more and more credibility in the area with all these beneficial reviews and thus continue to expand.

They would use a time-lapse device when the company makes a time-lapse movie. The cameras will be used along with a 14 mm prime lens, which will provide 110 degrees of view and provide a list of suggested locations with the highest possible field of view of the venue. As a consequence, the time-lapse film they get will capture the entire project very broadly and clearly. This is one of the reasons why the company is able to stand out from others and make one of the best time-lapse films.

At the same time, depending on the area being filmed, the cameras may even be mounted on a scaffold or even a roof top. This makes the angle of taking the time lapse film to be more and more probable. All the cameras the company uses will have a DSLR of 24 million pixels. One of the unique characteristics of this is that if more detail is needed, this will allow the company the ability to zoom into the picture easily. This is also one of the distinguishing features the organisation would be able to offer.

The device has a controller unit which is linked to a SIM card for a 4G handset. On location, the company can verify whether there is a good continuous 4G signal or not. This is vital because the controller device will automatically send an SMS and an email to alert the team if there is a fault in the camera, and the company will take immediate action to fix the problem.

The firm is proud of what they have done in all of the above. You can visit their website for more information if you are interested in the business.

For more information http://www.timelapsepeople.com


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